Today, in the world of flourishing technology, when housewives and children, doctors and lawyers are becoming a part of the technology present, we have electronic systems in almost every segment of our lives. The mobile phone became a need, and the internet an irreplaceable toll for everything.

One of the elements that is becoming to be more and more applyable and enables us to follow various objects and vehicles is GPS/GPRS. It uses two technologies – GPS and GPRS.
GPS system is composed of 24 geo-stationary satellites, that cover the whole planet and enables us to accurately position objects within just a few meters.
GPRS is a system of sending data via the GSM network. Sending data about your position through the GSM network is the most relayable and the most widely used option. A huge part of our urban planet is covered with the GSM signal. It is almost impossible to find a territory in Europe without GSM coverage. Thanks to the development of the GSM networks and the immense number of users, prices of GPRS traffic went down so low (for one tracking device, that works non stop and sends a signal every 50 meters) as to a few euros per month, depending on your provider of course.
So, thanks to the GPS satellites the device determines the position, and sends it together with the rest of the data on to the server, trough the GSM network (GPRS data transfer).
For the user, the whole system is very simple because:
There aren’t any additional applications needed! 
The Server is installed and connected on to the internet, and the user is accessing the application over a WEB browser from any computer.You can read more about logging HERE

Device installation is simple!

Put the device into the vehicle and connect it to a 12V power source. If there is an external antenna, screw the connectors on to one. In case the device has an integrated antenna, put it in a place where the device will “see some sky”, so it can get the signal more easily from the satellite, under the cockpit for example. 

Register your device on our WEB page, with the PIN number that comes with it. With just a few steps, all you need to do is define your user-name and password, and Display name (The name that will appear on the map when you monitor your vehicle).
No one else will be able to control your account, because it’s password protected. You can add more devices to your account and create groups, and track the vehicles of your whole family, your employes etc.